1. Introduction

1.1 Our experiment

An investigation of the factors that affect the rate of evaporation of distilled water

There are many places in the world suffering water shortage. There are 345 million people without access clean water in Africa. (Water.org, n.d.)

Singapore was suffering from water shortage but with the growing population(Department of Statistics, Ministry of Trade & Industry, Republic of Singapore, Population Trends, 2014.), it may happen again. One of the reasons why we have more than enough water is because we are buying water from Malaysia. However, our contract with Malaysia ends in 2016, and we only have 4 main sources of water. (PrWeb, 2012)

Even though we have NEWater, is that enough?

By the nature of it, evaporation happens at an extremely slow rate.Thus we are trying to find out which factor can affects the rate of evaporation the most, making the process of evaporation that much faster instead of blindly leaving water to evaporate.

Therefore, we are trying to find a way to find out which factor affects the rate of evaporation the most so that we can retrieve clean water from sea water

1.2 Research Questions
1. What are the factors that affect the evaporation and condensation of water/How to increase the rate of evaporation and condensation of water
2. How does a hologram work and is it possible to make one out of house items?
3. How does the length and tension of a string affect the sound it produce?

1.3 Hypothesis
Independent Variable: Surface Area, Temperature of Hotplate, Purity of Water, Wind, Light
Dependent Variable: The rate of evaporation of the water (ml/min)
Constant Variable: The amount of water, the rest of the independent variables except for the one being tested on.

The hypothesis is the independent variable affects the rate of evaporation such that it may either increase or decrease in such a way that it will not remain the same.

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