Experiment Title: Factors that affect the rate of evaporation on distilled water

The purpose of this experiment was to use our results to make clean water by condensing it after it has been evaporated. 

Our hypothesis is that the independent variable affects the rate of evaporation such that it may either increase or decrease in such a way that it will not remain the same. 

Evaporation is the change in state of water from liquid state to gaseous state. It is caused by water molecules that are in liquid state and have sufficient energy to overcome the forces of attraction to become gaseous state. Different factors will affect the amount energy that the molecules have.

To test the factors, we poured water into a container and left it on the hotplate to evaporate as much as possible within a constant amount of time but under different conditions.

Our results show that the Temperature of the Hotplate affects the rate of evaporation the most while Wind affects it the least. Non of the factors tested had the same results as the control, thus our hypothesis is correct.

We can apply the results in real life situations to increase the rate of evaporation and get clean water. The results can also help in other situations such as retrieving salt and cooling.

Even though our experiment was a success, there are a lot of improvements that can be made such as the experiments for light and wind.

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